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Fashion for Teenagers 2016

Posted on 17 February 2016

Teenagers and young people love experimenting with their looks - mostly because they are just starting to explore the world of fashion and finding their personal style.

Teenagers are more open to new ideas, which is why teen fashion trends are amongst the brightest and boldest in the fashion world. Jeans are a key element in teenager fashion - their versatility makes them simply an indispensable addition to every teen girl or boy wardrobe. Ankle-length jeans are incredibly popular in recent years, as they can easily be combined with T-shirts + sneakers for a more casual look, or heels for an elegant and stylish appearance. Torn jeans and polka dots on jeans are amongst the newest trends in teen fashion for 2016.

Asymmetry - wrap skirts, asymmetrical dresses and draped cardigans - seems to be a key feature in teen fashion, especially this year. And if you’re wondering about the colors and patterns, you simply can’t go wrong if you choose a neon green or blue colors, or the more subtle peach and coral.



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