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Some Thoughts About Swimwear - By Sophie Agudelo

Posted on 09 May 2016

From the moment that people began using water recreationally (to swim, play, etc.), there has been a need for swim suits. Paintings from the Roman times showed women and men bathing naked, but in the 1800s women wore full length suits in the ocean. This was deemed the proper way, not exposing any skin. Nowadays there are so many styles of swim suits that anyone can find the right suit for them. Regardless of what kind of suit is worn at any given point in time, it’s always been an indicator of what’s in style at the moment. Back when women wore swim suits that covered every part of their bodies apart from their faces, it was also very in style for women with money to wear big, long dresses, this was modest, this was “in”. In recent years, swimsuits have only gotten smaller, skimpier. Luckily, there are lots of options, in case that isn’t really your style. The swimsuit style I see people in most often is a bikini. Other styles of swimsuits include the tankini and the infamous one-piece.

Something very interesting about swimsuits is that, like any other fashion item, what is “in” and what is not, is constantly changing. Twenty or thirty years ago, one-pieces were all the rage and a woman seen showing any more skin than her one-piece allowed, was quite scandalous. Just five years ago, bikinis were very in and one-pieces were for prudes. Interestingly enough, now, in 2016, the use of one-pieces has steadily been on the rise. This is an homage to how constantly things and how even something as simple as what you wear to swim, can directly show what direction fashion is moving in.


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